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Fire, Soot, & Smoke


Fire & Smoke

Damage Restoration

Soot, Smoke and Residue Removal

Guaranteed Deodorization

Complete Structural Repair

If your home or business has been affected by fire or smoke damage, the experienced professionals at Zion Restoration will work with you to restore your life. Our cleaning and restoration crew knows the importance of a quick recovery after fire or smoke damage affects your family. That is why we work quickly to complete the job and prevent further damage from happening.

An extensive array of services are offered through Zion Restoration to ensure your home or business is fully repaired and able to be lived or worked in soon after restoration and cleaning take place.

With more than 30 years of experience in commercial and residential construction and over 10 years of insurance restoration experience, Zion is capable of handling fire and smoke damage restoration projects of all sizes. You can trust our knowledge and mastery of cleaning and restoration.

In case of a fire emergency:

Deep breaths! You are able to handle this and there are a lot of professionals ready to help you.

  • Find the location and health of all people living in the home.
  • Call your insurance agent or claims number.
  • Find your insurance documentation.
  • Find your deeds, titles, birth certificates and all forms of identification.
  • Contact Zion Restoration to secure your property and contents. (It is the responsibility of the property owner to secure the site from public and further damages. In your insurance policy it is called “mitigate damage.”)
  • Have only professional individuals enter the home to retrieve very valuable person effects. All other effects can be gathered at a later time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my family and I live?

Often your insurance will pay for temporary housing, food and clothing. Keep your receipts – they will assist you and your adjuster.

How do I arrange this?

Your insurance contractor and adjuster will both be able to help you find arrangements.

What about my pets?

Often hotels can make arrangements or there are a variety of Kennels who can help in this situation. Ther are also places for barn yard or farm animals. Your adjuster can help you with this.


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