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Water Extraction


Thorough Water

Damage Remediation

Whether you’re a victim of a broken pipe, natural disaster or other major water or flood cause, Zion Restoration will perform water damage remediation to help you get your life back on track. Our water extraction team will ensure your home is free of moisture and bacteria so you can be confident you are living in a healthy environment.

We also provide services to businesses affected by water damage and flooding. Our quick response will help you get your business running again and minimize the consequences of an event out of your control.

To further ensure your home or business is safe, our water damage remediation crew utilize industrial equipment for professional results. Our team of professionals understand how to perform everything from deep carpet water extraction and cleaning to wall disinfection.

Contact Zion Restoration for complete and professional care with your water or flood damage. We are here to help homeowners and business owners like you make it through this tough time in their life.

What to do in a water emergency?

Deep breaths! You can handle this.

  • Call a professional to stop the leak!
  • Call your insurance agent or claims number.
  • Find your insurance documentation.
  • Contact Zion Restoration to aide in Mold Remediation.
  • Maintain the home temperature under 70 degrees farenheit to help prevent mold growth. If you have mold growth, contact Zion Restoration to aide in helping you


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my home destroyed?

Often times Zion Restoration can restore most common construction structures back to pre-loss condition.

Where will my family and I live?

Often your insurance will pay for temporary housing, food and clothing. Keep your receipts – they will assist you and your adjuster.

How do I arrange all this?

Your insurance contractor and adjuster will both be able to help you find arrangements.

What about my pets?

Often hotels can make arrangements or there are a variety of Kennels who can help in this situation. Ther are also places for barn yard or farm animals. Your adjuster can help you with this.


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